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Because our goal is to be advisors rather than salespeople, we have chosen to work with a smaller number of clients. This setup makes us uniquely able to take the time to help them.
The cornerstone of each client relationship is the collaboration on a customized goal-based plan. Many people have not fully identified their goals, why they are investing and what their expectations are for their money. They usually do not have an investment philosophy or a plan. We help clients identify their financial goals and take action to achieve those goals.
We provide the process and room for people to make wise decisions about their money. We encourage thinking with a long-term perspective; we explain that you can do well if you are not in too big of a hurry. We coach clients to be prepared and to leave enough room for surprises. We control investment costs and tax efficiency because that is a sure way to help. We keep our arrangements with clients completely transparent so that they have confidence for the long haul. We avoid what we do not understand and we make sure our clients do understand how we are investing for them. We think this is a sensible way for clients to do better.